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Easily design, build, and maintain data lakes, data lakehouses, or data warehouses by automating the entire lifecycle of applied intelligence solutions.

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The smartest solution for your analytical data platforms

Build modern data analytics solutions from scratch, or modernize your existing legacy analytical data solutions to a cutting edge solution in record time by eliminating manual efforts.

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Up to 80% more efficient

Advanced automation reduces manual efforts, and saves valuable time to build and maintain your data analytics solutions.

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Highly customizable

Easily customize and extend mechanisms to your needs by adding your own models and methods and even new technologies and platforms.

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Fast iterations

Implement new ideas and integrate data into your data analytics solutions in the shortest time possible, and with minimal resources.​

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Manage complexity

Out-of-the-box support of platforms, methods, and technologies. Benefit from ​new technologies due to the metadata-driven approach.​

How it works

Powerful features that optimize your workflow

Streamline the process of applied intelligence solutions management, improve productivity and make your data work for you.

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Semantic modeling

With this high-level modeling approach, your workflow in biGENIUS is drastically more effective, letting you focus on the business requirements and not have to worry about technical testing.

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Meta-data driven approach

biGENIUS ensures both the necessary standardization and broad flexibility by following proven best-practice blueprints based on practical experience from hundreds of BI and big data projects.

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With the biGENIUS 7 branching - merging feature, your team can efficiently and safely collaborate on projects, speeding up your workflow even further than ever before.

Supporting the best technologies

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Maximize your analytical data potential with advanced automation today.

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What our customers are saying

See what industry leaders say about biGENIUS and their experience of working with us.

“Thanks to biGENIUS, we were able to lay the foundation for combining data from different sources into one report or dashboard.”

Evi Verschueren
Business Intelligence Team Lead, Smurfit Kappa

“The efficient DWH generator enabled us to achieve the required transparency with regard to marketplace performance within a very short time, in high quality and in compliance with BI best practices.”

Andreas von Ballmoos
Business Intelligence Lead, Scout24

“The biGENIUS team is knowledgeable about the inner workings of the application - stuff that you can't work out yourself as a customer.”

Tobias Rist
Data & anlaytics architect, Swica

“For us, it's really a central tool that should do a lot in helping people have a standardized approach for the whole firm.”

Sébastien Brennion
Business intelligence / analytics engineer, Valiant Bank

“Since we have been using biGENIUS, we manage the development 100% internally. We did not only save a lot of money but, having built everything ourselves, we gained in efficiency as we are able to adapt any user requests right away.”

Marc Buthey
IT & Project Manager, Tirus International SA

Start smart, with your data automation today.

Accelerate your applied intelligence workflow with comprehensive features that biGENIUS has to offer.