Quarterly team meeting in Vienna

By biGENIUS | 25. March 2022

Until 2021 biGENIUS was a part of Trivadis. With the takeover of Trivadis by Accenture, the biGENIUS division was spun off into an independent product company – the biGENIUS AG – with all rights and obligations. The former biGENIUS team moved to the new company in 8/2021 and continues to focus on sales, development, maintenance and support of the biGENIUS product portfolio. The goal of the new company is international growth of the software business and the rapid development of the application to ensure the scalability of the business.

Chief Executive Officer biGENIUS

We proudly present: Gregor Zeiler

By biGENIUS | 18. February 2022

Gregor, you have been dealing with the topic of data automation for a long time. How did this start? Gregor: I have been working in the field of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics for almost 30 years. In the early days, I noticed that when setting up DWH solutions, the same questions about the right…

Chairman Verwaltungsratspräsident biGENIUS

We proudly present: Urban Lankes

By biGENIUS | 12. February 2022

Urban, last year you sold your great life’s work – the consulting company Trivadis – to Accenture. How does that feel after a 27-year success story? Urban: It was definitely not an easy decision to part with Trivadis, we have expanded the company from 3 to 750 employees and established it in the data & AI…

Lead Product Development biGENIUS

We proudly present: Oliver Haidutschek

By biGENIUS | 7. February 2022

We are glad that we managed to get Oliver on board for the Lead Product Development position at biGENIUS AG. Find out more about Oliver in this interview. Oliver, you have been on board at biGENIUS AG as Lead Product Development since the beginning of 2022. What are your first impressions of the product and the…

That was the international biGENIUS User Day 2021 v3

User Day 2021

By Gregor Zeiler | 24. September 2021

biGENIUS User Day 2021   Recent Changes Over the last years, users of biGENIUS have been playing a major role in the software development and product improvement. Together, we have shared blood, sweat and tears, numerous sleepless nights and cups of coffee, so that today we can all be proud of building one of the…

biGENIUS is now independent company


By Gregor Zeiler | 8. August 2021

“biGENIUS Spin-Off”     Review For the last ten years, biGENIUS was part of Trivadis. During this time, the software product and the customer base have been developed very successfully. With the acquisition of Trivadis by Accenture, the biGENIUS division was also carved out into an independent product company, biGENIUS AG. News Our newly founded…

The TDWI Wrap-up – a Summary

By Gregor Zeiler | 21. July 2021

“Go with the Flow”: Stream-based – Real-Time ETL without Batch Processes    ETL is batch: efficiency, data consistency, traceability, simplicity, established methods and mature tools make building a DWH a standard job.  At the end of June, we were once again participants and sponsors of the TDWI conference.     Peter Welker spoke about real-time ETL. Stream processing is technically no problem. But how do…

Are you ready to make a difference?

By Gregor Zeiler | 1. July 2021

Join our Team in Vienna! We are looking for a motivated, independent and resilient personality to join our successful biGENIUS team in Vienna and provide active support in product development. biGENIUS is a data warehouse automation tool developed to cover the complete life cycle of data warehouse solutions. It maps and supports business requirements documentation,…

Different BI solutions in the same company can cause many problems. Here’s how to solve them…

By Gregor Zeiler | 14. June 2021

Many companies use different data analytics solutions in their operations. This often leads to major challenges and significant additional work. With its solution, biGENIUS has helped Smurfit Kappa to save resources, simplify analyses and automatically generate the data model, all loading processes, and the entire business logic.

European TDWI Conference 2021 (online)

By Gregor Zeiler | 7. June 2021

For 17 years now, TDWI has been an important event for BI and analytics experts. Using data intelligently and processing it efficiently is becoming increasingly important for the success of companies. Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Reporting are crucial to stay future oriented, to achieve fast growth and herewith financial success. Don’t lose touch with…