User Day 2021

By Gregor Zeiler | 24. September 2021

biGENIUS User Day 2021   Recent Changes Over the last years, users of biGENIUS have been playing a major role in the software development and product improvement. Together, we have shared blood, sweat and tears, numerous sleepless nights and cups of coffee, so that today we can all be proud of building one of the…


By Gregor Zeiler | 8. August 2021

“biGENIUS Spin-Off”     Review For the last ten years, biGENIUS was part of Trivadis. During this time, the software product and the customer base have been developed very successfully. With the acquisition of Trivadis by Accenture, the biGENIUS division was also carved out into an independent product company, biGENIUS AG. News Our newly founded…

The TDWI Wrap-up – a Summary

By Gregor Zeiler | 21. July 2021

“Go with the Flow”: Stream-based – Real-Time ETL without Batch Processes    ETL is batch: efficiency, data consistency, traceability, simplicity, established methods and mature tools make building a DWH a standard job.  At the end of June, we were once again participants and sponsors of the TDWI conference.     Peter Welker spoke about real-time ETL. Stream processing is technically no problem. But how do…

«Data analytics solutions will not be able to survive without Smart Data Automation»

By Oliver Bosse | 26. October 2020

The IT infrastructure of companies must meet the highest standards. In most cases, not only the quality of products and services, but also the efficiency of employees depends on it. Investments in this area are therefore advisable in order to remain competitive in the future – but investment is not synonymous with high future costs,…

biGENIUS @ TDWI Virtual II on October 27th

By Gregor Zeiler | 22. October 2020

As a longstanding sponsor of TDWI, the leading conference for data, BI and analytics in Europe, biGENIUS will be part of TDWI Virtual II on October 27th. In his session, Peter Welker will be demonstrating how existing mappings can be migrated in a highly automated way when swichting from classical ETL to a modern DWA…

Business Intelligence Magazine: DWA for a large car manufacturer with biGENiUS

By Desislava Georgieva | 28. April 2020

  Algorithms, unlike humans, can take decisions by processing immense amounts of data based on a set of rules. This makes them much more effective, without the bias of human emotion, which can even be included in data optimisation models as mathematical variables. The complexity and speed of our economy is ever increasing. Especially for…

Gartner Research: Automating Data Warehouse Development

By Desislava Georgieva | 15. April 2020

While data warehouses are necessary to provide organisations with reliable, high performance analytics, implementing and maintaining these systems is associated with a lot of costs and resources. Data warehouse automation creates transparency, reveals deep insights, and can thus provide data and analytics leaders with more productive means of meeting analytics requirements. In their current Automating…

International biGENiUS User Day 2019

By Desislava Georgieva | 3. October 2019

On 12. September 2019, the 2nd International biGENiUS User Day took place in Regensdorf near Zurich, Switzerland.  Since the very beginning, we have adopted a user-centric approach with biGENiUS. What does this mean? We get together on- and offline, we constantly strive to provide our users with a say on the further development of the…

biGENiUS at TDWI Munich 2019

By Desislava Georgieva | 5. July 2019

The TDWI conference in Munich has always been regarded as the most important forum for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing in the DACH Region. Of course, biGENiUS, together with Trivadis, were part of it once again. More than 130 national and international experts presented the latest findings and developments in the data community at TDWI…

European TDWI Conference 2019 in Munich

By Desislava Georgieva | 14. June 2019

With the mind-blowing current pace of data creation in the world (90% of the world’s data has been generated in the last two years), it has never been more important to use this data intelligently in order to generate business success. Business intelligence, data analytics and reporting are crucial for empowering decision makers’ business decisions,…

Azure SQL DW Automation Hands-on Lab

By Irina Obushtarova | 22. November 2018

The Azure SQL DW Automation hands-on lab explores technologies available on Microsoft’s cloud data warehouse platform in combination with the advanced Data Warehouse and Big Data Automation provided by biGENiUS®.

biGENiUS is Now Available Also on the US Market

By Irina Obushtarova | 7. November 2018

Gertjan Vlug, Head of Business Development for New Markets, announced the first strategic partnership in North America with EON Collective

Data Modeling Zone Europe 2018

By Irina Obushtarova | 21. September 2018

The Data Modeling Zone (DMZ) in Dusseldorf is an annual conference in Europe where you can sharpen your data modeling skills, share experiences with other data professionals, and help shape our data modeling industry. Over 30 sessions crossing five tracks will be expecting there. Learn from top data experts in the world, as well as many experts…