Difference between technical support and professional services

Clarifying what technical support included in your biGENIUS license include and how you can acquire additional professional training from us.

Technical support includes

  • Any bugs and malfunctions you encounter in the biGENIUS windows application.

Professional services include

  • New features / functionality e.g.action templates or custom templates
  • Updating custom templates or action templates to work with a newer version of the biGENIUS
  • Case-specific consulting, e.g. I want to achieve this result, how should I model it?


The pricing of professional services vary depending on your requests and needs, so it is advised that you contact us in the the official support portal, detailing your needs.

How can I request additional professional services?

As a current biGENIUS user, the most efficient way is to contact us via the official support portal.

Posted on:
January 12, 2023

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