Understanding the biGENIUS components

About the three principle components of the biGENIUS Windows application.

biGENIUS is made of 3 principal parts:

  • A desktop application
  • A meta database (MetaDB)
  • Generators consisted of templates

Desktop application

The desktop application uses the .NET Framework and is developed in C#. It allows the creation of semantic models which can be split into multiple projects.


The MetaDB is the central repository containing all the information stored in the biGENIUS application. It contains source structures, target structures, transformation rules, relationships, descriptions etc.


biGENIUS uses several generators depending on the type of generated output:

  • Microsoft SQL Server Generator (Dimensional modeling)
  • Microsoft Data Vault Generator (Data Vault modeling)
  • Oracle Generator (Relational modeling)
  • Amazon Redshift Generator (Data Vault modeling)
  • Snowflake Generator (Data Vault modeling)
  • Apache Spark Generator (Dimensional modeling)

Each generator is composed of a defined structure which is the External Model interface.

Posted on:
January 12, 2023

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