User permissions

biGENIUS user types and their permissions.

The following predefined user roles grant specific permissions for the different areas of operation within the biGENIUS application:

Application Administrator

Can manage application settings, user settings and configure connection attribute definitions.

Project Administrator

Can create new projects, manage settings on assigned projects and maintain data type configuration.

Modeler (Global or project-based)

Can do all modeling-related tasks e.g. create source systems, stage.

Generator Configuration User (Global or project-based)

Can maintain generation configuration.

Read Only User (Global or project-based)

Can see the project settings and the modeling, but without modeling capabilities.

Single User

Can do everything within the application and access all projects, but cannot manage user settings.

Support User

Can manage all settings and work with all aspects of the application.

*Auditing of user actions on modelled objects is avaialble.

Posted on:
January 12, 2023

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