Using delta deployment for biGENIUS

An overview of the benefits of using delta deployment for biGENIUS projects and preconditions required.

Delta deployment helps your development team to deploy structural changes to an existing project (ODS, data warehouse etc.) and not lose any productive data.

It compares the actual deployed structures (e.g. tables) with the modeled objects in biGENIUS and provides an own DDL script for the given target architecture (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle), which includes separate DDL statements, to change the structure of the target architecture, without changing / adapting the existing data.

The most relevant use case for this feature is to deploy structural changes to one or more persisted layers of a data warehouse e.g. ODS, Core or Data Mart.

It also permit to create the scripts for the RC layer without any DROP tables in order to keep the current data about loads, execution plans etc.


  • You need to have a deployed target system (e.g. core layer on a SQL Server or Oracle database), for which you want to do the delta deployment.
  • You need to be able to do a discovery on the target system that you want to compare.


  • Can handle new terms
  • Can handle deleted terms
  • Can handle foreign keys changes
  • Can handle new DWH objects (new DWH objects are handled via the standard deployment script e.g. 040_DW.sql)
  • Can handle changed terms (data type, NOT NULL constraint)
  • Can handle deleted or disabled DWH objects

Posted on:
January 12, 2023

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