Unlock the power of your data with biGENIUS generators

biGENIUS generators are based on proven best practice blueprints, giving you the tools to implement business requirements quickly and efficiently.

Illustration of big data and data warehouse automation.

Advanced data automation with biGENIUS generators

Automate the tedious aspects of development and focus on the unique value that you bring to your organization.

Streamline your deployment

biGENIUS generators enable you to quickly and efficiently deploy BI solutions to target technology platforms. Leverage the practical experience of BI and big data experts through proven best practice blueprints and get up and running faster than ever.

Take control of your BI project

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all solution. biGENIUS support all main technologies, but you still customize and configure the generators by adding your own models and methods, even new technologies and platforms.

Customize and optimize for success

biGENIUS generators are more than just a set of features— they are designed to adapt and extend to meet your specific business requirements. With advanced template modification, you can tailor the generators to your exact needs.

Start smart, with your data automation today.

Accelerate your applied intelligence workflow with comprehensive features that biGENIUS has to offer.