Data warehouse modernization

Modernize an outdated data warehouse that has grown over the years.

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Is your data warehouse outdated and no longer up to the current data analytics requirements? Are you unable to implement business requirements quick enough for the demand?

Maybe you also have to replace the hardware, or one of your software components is no longer up to date.

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Data warehouse modernization is like building a house: either you demolish it and build a new house piece by piece from scratch, or you renovate it, but only if the foundation and the building components are in order.

biGENIUS can help you in both scenarios: to help strengthen your foundation with best practice architectures and standardization of your data analytics solution, while also help you build a modern data analytics solution anew, utilizing your existing data warehouse.

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Key benefits

1. You get automation support for any kind of modernization.

2. In any case, the result of the modernization is a data analytics solution according to best practice architecture.

3. The high level of standardization with biGENIUS ensures that your solution can be expanded just as easily in a few years as on the first day.

4. With smart data automation, you are ideally positioned to respond flexibly and quickly to new business requirements.

Supporting the best technologies

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