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Your data analytics solution has become a data hub for many new processes in the context of digitization, from which you have to deliver ever more up-to-date data.

However, your data warehouse was originally designed for maximum daily loading, and your data management processes were not designed for updating in near real-time. You need to completely rebuild your data integration event-based, so changes in the data sources are reflected in your data hub almost instantly.

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To convert your batch-based data integration into an event-based data integration, you would need an additional event hub such as Kafka, and CDC (change data capture) functions that help you to identify the latest data. Lastly, you would need to reconnect all data sources with these technologies.

With biGENIUS, you automatically generate the event-based data integration for Kafka (event hub) and StreamSets (CDC) . You only have to discover the data sources and use the metadata to remodel your data integration. With the help of the biGENIUS wizards, you do not have to manually model every data integration.

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Key benefits

1. You can easily generate event hubs (Kafka) automatically.

2. Benefit from the automatic generation of entire StreamSets pipes to support CDC.

3. Enjoy the wizards that help you avoid having to model the whole data integration process manually,

4. If required, you can also automatically build your data lake with biGENIUS.

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