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Is your legacy data warehouse solution running on hardware that is bursting at the seams? Take advantage of the possibilities and scalability of cloud services have to offer.

The challenge of bringing your existing data warehouse solution into the cloud is no easy task, with the numerous mappings accumulated over the years that now need to be migrated. Building all the existing mappings manually in the cloud is not an option - it would take far too long.

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Depending on your existing ETL solution, biGENIUS can take over most of the mapping information automatically, so that you do not have to re-develop everything from scratch.

If you want to completely rebuild your data warehouse in the cloud because your existing architecture is no long sufficient for your needs, you can also take the opportunity not only to use new cloud technologies, but also to switch from manual efforts to smart data automation with biGENIUS.

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Key benefits

1. Break through your existing hardware limitations and use scalable cloud services for your data analytics solution.

2. Use existing cloud generator configurations to migrate your on premises data warehouse solution into the cloud.

3. Benefit from automatic metadata transfer capabilities to significantly accelerate the migration process.

4. Upgrade your legacy data warehouse solution with the latest cloud based data vault generators from biGENIUS.

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