Replace old-fashioned ETL

Replace unsupported ETL Tools or replace hand coded ELT.

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How it works

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Stop wasting resources on outdated technologies, start improving your workflow and see immediate results.

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Want to focus on new possibilities that offer you more performance and scalability than your old ETL tool?

Tired of developing each ETL job manually because it takes too much time to implement new business requirements? Or do you have to replace your old ETL tool because it is no longer being maintained, or simply does not support the new data platforms sufficiently?

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Replacing your existing ETL is not an easy task with the mappings that had been done manually, and to rebuild all this with another ETL tool would be just as much effort.

The solution is to read the mapping information from your old ETL and build new mappings with biGENIUS, which allows you to migrate your old mappings efficiently and to generate new mappings fully automatically. This saves you an incredible amount of time during the migration and of course also for any future development of your data analytics solution.

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Key benefits

1. You have small expenses for the migration.

2. You will finally get rid of your old ETL tool and from now on you can rely on modern Smart Data Automation.

3. In the future, you will benefit from the outstanding performance and scalability of your data platform.

4. Easily adapt to change with automatic metadata and documentation.

5. You no longer have to worry about your ETL server being a bottleneck.

Supporting the best technologies

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Start smart, with your data automation today.

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