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You have a large amount of data from various sources that you might need for your business in the future. You have to store it in a way with which your data team can work optimally, therefore you want to store it fully historicized and in raw format, so that nothing can go wrong.

Now you are faced with the challenge of figuring out how to do this and wondering what technology to use.

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With biGENIUS, you can discover the data sources and retrieve the structure of your data. You can create your data lake objects without having to enter everything manually. biGENIUS also automatically generates the required data objects and data flows so that you can fill your data lake regularly.

biGENIUS supports a wide range of different data lake technologies in the cloud and on premises, in case you decide to use a different technology in the future.

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Key benefits

1. You can choose from a wide range of possible target technologies either on premises or in the cloud.

2. Use the history options if you want to store a long history of data in your data lake.

3. Benefit from near real-time data integration based on the Kafka and StreamSets generator configuration from biGENIUS.

4. If you ever want to migrate to another data lake platform, it would not be a monumental task.

Supporting the best technologies

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