Build modern analytical data solutions

Drive time to market for new data warehouse, data lake, and data lakehouse implementations.

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How it works

Powerful features that optimize your data automation

Stop wasting resources on outdated technologies, start improving your workflow and see immediate results.

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Build a completely new analytical data solution using proven architectures and modern platforms, and deliver results in the shortest possible time.

Do not spend months studying new technologies and different architectural approaches or evaluating new data platforms, but rather rely on best practices.

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Building a modern analytical data solution is no easy task. After all, you have to decide on the right technology, architecture approach, as well as the modelling approach.

biGENIUS has developed generators for the best technologies on the market, to help you build your analytical data solution easily and quickly without the steep learning curve.

All you have to do is decide what data you want to have in your analytical data solution. biGENIUS will take care of all the details of implementing it, even the loading flow control.

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Key benefits

1. Save time and effort by automating up to 80% of manual efforts.

2. Deliver effective analytical data solutions using in-tool best practices and blueprints.

3. Reduce costs and risk both in development and operation.

4. Easily adapt to change with automatic metadata and documentation.

5. Focus on business needs and improve agility.

Supporting the best technologies

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Start smart, with your data automation today.

Accelerate your applied intelligence workflow with comprehensive features that biGENIUS has to offer.